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Paw Prints

The Kennel
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To Join: YOU MUST BE 18+ YEARS OLD. By requesting to join, you are confirming this. Your birthdate must be displayed in your profile for your membership to be approved. If it is removed, you will be removed from this community.

When I originally started this community I had no idea what I wanted from it. I engaged in puppy play, loved the idea of being put in cages, eating from a dog dish and being led around in the manner of a dog. I find great freedom in this.

As the community has grown, it has taken on a life of its own. It has taught me that pet play can be more for a great many. Our community members range from folks like me who dabble in puppy play and cages to those who feel more in tune with the animal inside them to furries.

Furries were a huge revelation for me. The only exposure I ever had to this sub-culture was what I saw on a CSI episode. Since then, I have learned that furries are incredibly diverse and there are those who like to dress up as animals and those who feel nothing more than a strong connection to a certain animal. Who knew?

Here in this small community we have been able to gather members who share diversity within a cohesive interest, whether that interest be considered mild or not.

Because of this diversity I enlisted help of those who have a stronger connection to their animal sides than I do. Navelgazes and Kuroihime have brought a great deal to the community. I believe the three of us help maintain a sense of general acceptance for the various levels of interests of those in the community.

I hope that those of you who decide to join find the acceptance you are seeking and the resources you are looking for. ~lilyinchains

The original About Info:

Do you eat at Master's feet? Do you drink from a bowl? Do you walk on all fours? Do you prance about on hooved feet? Do you purr when Master pets your tummy? Do you like to walk around leashed? Do you love the cage you sleep in?

This community is for those who like being caged, penned, or hitched. It's for the puppy, pony, kitty, bunny -- the animal in you. Feel free to post stories, experiences, wants, questions. Don't be afraid to post here, anything goes as long as you are respectful to other members.

Some Basic Rules:

No child porn or references to bestiality. Yes, this is for animal play, but any sexual references to real animals will get you banned from this community. This community is for those who roleplay and for those who have a deep connection to an animal persona.

Some new and old posting rules:

1) Long posts must be under an LJ cut. NO EXCEPTIONS. (700 words or more is currently considered a long post. This may be adjusted.)

2) Excessive cross-posting (x-posting) will not be accepted. We are currently considering excessive to be more than two (2) communities of a similar vein.

(Your post may be initially approved because we have multiple moderators for our sister communities. Once excessive x-posting has been detected the “extra” posts will be deleted.)

3) When X-posting, indicate which communities/journals* to which you are x-posting. (If we find this request being ignored, you may lose posting privileges.)

4) Adult images must be under an LJ cut and a NWS (Not Work Safe) notation must be clearly visible above the cut to readers. (User Icons are not included.)

5) Posts must be on topic and appropriate to the community. (Read profiles to see what the community is about.)

6) Refrain from using this community as a personal journal*. This area can be vague for some. So here are some things to consider.

a. Your post should promote discussion by:

1. Asking a question/advice.

2. Expressing self discovery that is pertinent to the community, not just you.

3. Relaying information that members can use. (Safety, new methods.)

4. Discussions on point of view, philosophies, standards, trends and new ideas. (These should be on topic.)

b. Your post should not :

1. Be a recount of your last night with your Master or slave. These types of entries should be placed in your personal journal* or communities that might accept them. It is okay to take portions of your personal journal and x-post them here if they promote discussion.

2. A personals ad.

3. Mock the community or its membership.

4. Be a MEME. (Polls are okay.)

c. Introductions are okay and encouraged.

If you are unsure if your post is suitable, submit your post anyway. If we reject it, we will tell you why. (Please do not take a rejection personally. We, as moderators, are attempting to keep the atmosphere and intent of the community alive and sometimes we have to reject posts in order to do so. Please accept our reasoning as a learning experience. If you are unclear as to why we have done something e-mail me at lilynchains@yahoo.com and I or the moderator in question will attempt to explain.)

These rules are subject to change. Changes will be posted as they are made.

Thank you,


(Note: the e-mail address does not have an “i” in “in”)


(Copyright rules apply please ask permission of the poster before reusing/distributing commentary and entries.)